Wednesday , 28 July 2021

One Person Has Died in House Fire in Frog Lake


RCMP and fire crews entered the single family home earlier today.  Upon searching the home, one deceased person was located in the home. The identity of the deceased person is not known at this time.  The Edmonton Medical Examiners office has scheduled the autopsy’s for tomorrow morning.  Provincial Fire investigators and RCMP officers are still on scene this evening to determine the cause of the fire.  There will not be any further information available on this matter until the conclusion of the autopsy.



Elk Point RCMP responded to notification received at 9:00 a.m. today, of a residence in Frog Lake that had burned to the ground over night.  There had been no prior notification to the RCMP of this event.  Police are on scene now with fire investigators to determine the cause of the blaze.  Police and fire investigators are aware that the residence is normally occupied and are actively seeking to confirm the whereabouts of the homeowner as part of this investigation.

There will be a further release to update on the status of this investigation as information becomes available

*Press Release from Elk Point RCMP

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