Saturday , 24 July 2021

Cold Lake RCMP Briefs

On September 18th, 2015 Cold Lake RCMP stopped a male driver on Highway 28, for a traffic violation at 10:42 pm. It was discovered the 29 year old, Edmonton man was driving while disqualified due to a previous conviction for impaired driving. He was released on court documents.

On September 23rd, at 11:55 pm a complaint came in that there was a driving running into garbage cans in residential areas. A 17 year old male from Cold Lake was caught in relation to the complaint and received a bylaw ticket for disposal of waste on a City road.

On September 18th, at 11:49 am a woman reported a Dodge truck had sped sideways through a turn. The woman was walking with her children on 54th street when the incident occurred. She was afraid for their safety, as well as, her own. The vehicle was located and a 30 year old man from Cold Lake was charged with driving at an unreasonable speed.


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