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MD of Bonnyville Road Priorities

 Municipal District of Bonnyville Council approved the 2016 Road Construction Priorities for a total of 19.75 miles. Reeve Ed Rondeau says each Councillor submits a list of roads that need care and attention, “most of the roads are chosen by the Councillors, they all put in their priorities and for the most part they have a say for what’s done in their wards.” Rondeau explains that there are cases where this may not be the case, “there are roads that need upgrades regardless.”

“One ward may have more on the list then another, but if you look at the total mileage it’s pretty even.” One roadway on the list, Wolf Lake Road is already undergoing construction. The MD has a partnership with Canadian Natural and wants to get that stretch done before winter. “We have seven miles of brushing on Wolf Lake Road and it’s on the list but it doesn’t really count as construction but we added it to the list because we want to get that done this winter. So that’s a way to keep track of it.”

Progress on Wolf Lake has been slower than planned, says Rondeau, “the weather has been wetter than expected.” The project is still moving ahead, “hopefully we’ll get a good week and we’ll be done.”

Now that the list is approved and finalized, administration will proceed with engineering and design for all of the projects listed:

Ward 1

Range Road 453         Township Road 604 to Twp 610                    2 miles

Ward 2

Township 611A          Hwy 28 to RR 461 include intersection         2.25 miles (carry over)

Ward 3

Range Road 491         Township Road 610 to Twp 603                    3 miles

Range Road 473         Township Road 625A to quarter mile north  0.25 miles

Ward 4

Range Road 464         Hwy 55 to Township Road 631                      1 mile

Wolf Lake Road         Brush to 100 ft and ditch entire road             7 miles

Ward 5

Range Road 435         Township Road 631A to half mile north       0.5 mile

Ardmore                     48th Ave & new access (pending NE Muni-Corr approval) 0.75 mile

Range Road 432         North of Township Road 630 half mile         0.5 mile

Range Road 443         North of Township Road 630 half mile         0.5 mile

Ward 6

Township Road 630    Range Road 411 to RR 413                            2 miles

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