Wednesday , 28 July 2021

Heavy Load Corridor Needed in The Lakeland

Bonnyville-Cold Lake MLA Scott Cyr says the Lakeland is without a roadway that can be used as a heavy load corridor. The MLA explains, “right now we are without a heavy load corridor going up to our riding, this is something that needs to be addressed.”

“Some of our businesses can’t be competitive because we can’t get these heavy loads out of our area or into our area.” The MLA isn’t the only force working on a solution to this issue. Alberta HUB, an advocacy organization has commissioned a study into the roads in the Lakeland area. The organization has spoken out about the inability to transfer heavy loads and the effects that has on the local economy. Alberta HUB notes that the study will help display facts to the government on the issues concerning the areas highways.

One of the hindrances to transporting heavy loads is the slope and deterioration of highway 41 at Kehewin Lake. The road is at a 75 percent road ban, being heavy loads can only be moved at 75 percent of their max load weight. Meaning, transportation companies must either break down loads or not transfer them at all through that roadway.


MLA Cyr says he has put a plan in place, “Right now, I’m looking at working with the government to address this. I have a plan and a cost and I’m waiting for the Minister [of Transportation] to get back to us.”

The need for a heavy load corridor isn’t the only concern Cyr has for northern highways, the MLA explains, “highway 28 is also a concern for us.” The highway, dubbed “The Forgotten Highway” is in need of upgrades including doubling, passing lane, and plain maintance, explains Cyr, “the fact is it needs repair. I think every riding that highway 28 goes through would agree that highway has been one of the forgotten highways and we need to start seeing some work on it.” Cyr says he’s looking forward to having the Minister’s ear, “I have a plan in place, as well as, thoughts on how to implement it.”

Cyr says it’s always great for residents to voice their concerns to him or the Minister of Transportation, however he recommends not using a copy and paste approach. In October the MLA brings letters he receives from his constituents to a question period, “I encourage people across the riding to write in. I don’t encourage people to do the form letter, because in the end they get ignored. What we need is people putting some time in and writing why it’s important to them and how it should be changed.” Personal letters, whether handwritten or typed on a computer carry a lot more weight than form letters, which the MLA admits often get overlooked.

Scott Cyr can be contacted via his website, scottcyr.com 

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