Wednesday , 28 July 2021

Kokum’s House is Open

The Cold Lake Friendship Centre has opened a men’s home, Kokum’s House. Executive Director of the Friendship Centre, Agnes Gendron says the centre is designed for men who have nowhere else to go, “the home is for men not affiliated with any surrounding community, who need a place to stay.”

“Kokum’s House is a three bedroom house, that can house up to seven men at a time,” Agnus says the idea behind the home is not to have it as a flop house, “if you’re down and out and you don’t belong to surrounding areas or in-town people. Some men are falling through the cracks and not getting help.”

Agnus says the home is open and believes there’s four men staying in it right now. “It’s an overnight facility and if they find other means or another home they can move on.” The best way to get a room at Kokum’s House is to come to the Friendship Centre, however they can also call the home at 780-594-2160.

The Friendship Centre presented in front of City Council on August 26th, 2015, with the hope that the City could cover the cost of one-year’s rent at $2000 per month. “If they could cover that one-year’s rent, that would be too awesome,” Agnus states she had a good feeling leaving the council meeting, “we has a very good reception.”

City Council plans to discuss the possibility of funding Kokum’s House at future council meetings.

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