Wednesday , 28 July 2021

Rental Cost at C2 a Growing Concern

Bonnyville Town Council is discussing the need to reduce the rental cost for space at The Centennial Centre after a number of groups have come to council looking for a reduction in the price. Mayor Bonnyville, Gene Sobolewski, says council heard from Aurora Visual Arts at August 26th, 2015 Council Meeting.

“Basically, what they are looking for is assistance in the rent,” Mayor Sobolewski explains, “it’s $1200 a day and they will be in there for three days, so that’s $3600.” The town has a policy for these incidences, the Mayor says, Aurora is youth oriented, “they’re really encouraging of the youth and have youth focused features.” The group also plans to bring in a famous Canadian artist, Alex Janvier. Janvier is from Cold Lake First Nations and is known nationally for his artwork. “They plan to feature his work and have workshops.”

The town decided they will be able to help with the costs, Mayor Sobolewski says, “the town decided to pay for one day by providing them with the funding.” The Mayor says the town has been approached a lot more with requests similar to Aurora Visual Arts, “we’re seeing more and more of those requests coming up.”

Due to the increase of requests, Mayor Sobolewski says the Town and MD may have to reexamine the rental cost at the C2, “I think we may have to rationalize what we need to do because that’s something that seems to be coming up again and again.” The Mayor says it’s about one a month, “we would like to do something, we need the space for community events, but the cost of using the space is prohibitive.”

Mayor Sobolewski says he’s unsure what relief, if any, there will be, but the matter will go before council at the next meeting on September 8th, 2015.

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