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Cold Lake Library Director Mary Anne Penner Retires

On August 31st, 2015 long-time Library Director, Mary Anne Penner will officially retire from the Cold Lake Library. Library staff celebrated Mary Anne’s over 28 years of service with a party on August 25th.

Deputy Mayor for the City of Cold Lake, Vicky Lefebvre says staff celebrated a day of recognition for Mary Anne, “we had a retirement party with an opening of the reading garden in the back.” Which was just one of the many accomplishments Mary Ann was responsible for during her years serving the library.

Lefebvre says the garden is a showcase of the library, “we have a stage there now, so we can host artists and authors on the stage.” Lefebvre says it opens up opportunity for more events at the library, “it’s another way of bringing in lots of cultural events. We can host lots of low-key events in a relaxing atmosphere, where people can get another taste of culture.”

Currently, there are no events booked, explains Lefebvre who says the library is busy searching for Mary Anne’s replacement, “we’re looking for another library director.” Lefebvre jokes about Mary Anne departure, which she describes as “happy-sad”.

“She’s seen a lot of changes,” Lefebvre explains how when Mary Anne began her career as the library director it was before the computer-age. On top of the technical changes to the industry, Mary Anne also experience the growth of the City, says Lefebvre, “we went from one library to two to three, back to two. We have several shifts over the years.”

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