Wednesday , 18 May 2022

Update on the Modernization at Ecole Notre Dame

Ecole Notre Dame High School in Bonnyville is currently in the middle of a modernization process which will update every aspect of the school. Principal of the school, Pamela Guilbault, says this project is years in the making, “this is a process we have been working towards for the last year and a half already.” There’s still another year to go before the finalization, which Guilbault explains will launch the school into the 21st century, “by the time this is complete, no area of Ecole Notre Dame will go untouched. So basically, every corner will be modernized.”

The school is happy to announce construction has started on a brand-new gymnasium, as well as, a hard Careers & Technical Studies (CTS) lab. The CTS lab will house construction, welding and electronics studies. The school will also have a Foods CTS area with a servery, along with a multi-purpose common area. Principal Guilbault describes the area, “sorta likened after a cafe, or a Starbucks atmosphere.”

The library will be enhanced, says Guilbault, “we’ll have a library commons with an area for self-directed learning and also an area for students to work collaboratively. As well as to enhance the literacy of students, we’ll have an enhanced student services area with services for student administration.”

The school will receive a complete overhaul, says Guilbault, “state-of-the-art modernized classrooms, art room, fine arts, band practice rooms; quite frankly, this is a school none-like we have seen in the area. We truly have designed this school for the 21st century learner and it is quite in line with inspiring education.”

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