Saturday , 28 May 2022

Clubroot found in The MD of Bonnyville

The first confirmed case of Clubroot Disease in a canola plant has been found by Municipal District of Bonnyville agricultural staff via lab analysis during annual crop surveys done earlier in August.

Clubroot is a soil-borne disease in cruciferous crops, most notably canola. The disease causes galls or clubs to form on the root structure of the plant and causes death of the plant prematurely. Clubroot disease is designated an agricultural pest under Alberta’s Agricultural Pests Act (APA).

The spread of Clubroot has been rapid across the province since it was first detected close to Edmonton in 2003. Prevention is paramount to protect fields against Clubroot says Director of Agriculture and Waste Management, Matt Janz. The best defense is to practice good sanitation, at a minimum, by removing soil clumps and crop debris from farming equipment before entering or leaving all fields. “I urge producers to use Clubroot resistant varieties when planting canola, however this is only one of many tools that can be used to reduce the risk of spreading this disease.”

Janz encourages growers to scout their own fields for diseases, weeds, and insects. For scouting tips on Clubroot, visit www.clubroot.ca.

The M.D. of Bonnyville Ag Department is looking forward to hosting an upcoming Clubroot Information Session for those interested in learning more about reducing the risk of spreading this disease.  Please look for updates on our M.D. Facebook page and website at www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca for date and time of this upcoming seminar.

**press release from the MD of Bonnyville

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