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Notre Dame Grade 9 Classes Held at The C2

Notre Dame High School in Bonnyville is in the middle of a modernization process, but that won’t interrupt class. Principal Pamela Guilbault says the school is thrilled to announced a partnership with The Centennial Centre that will ensure class will go on, even with the construction crews on site at the school.

“Definitely, it’s created quite the buzz in the community,” Principal Guilbault explains, “but, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have expanded the Notre Dame High School campus to include the C2 for the 2015-16 school year.”

Principal Guilbault says the grade nines have been selected for the opportunity to use the C2 as their learning environment, “for the first semester the C2 will house the grade 9 students. We will have all of the grade nine students have all of their classes there, they will be able to utilize the field house, the auditorium, the wellness centre (under supervision), basically all of the facilities at the C2.”

The Notre Dame grade nine students will be have a chance to learn in a first class facility, says Principal Guilbault. “This is such an unique and diverse learning opportunity that when the C2 space became available, we absolutely could not turn this offer down.”

The C2, with its separate classrooms, field house space, auditorium, and all the other extras is a more optimum than the school’s original plan to house the grade nine students in three sectioned-off space in the gymnasium, says Guilbault. “Knowing that that wasn’t the most optimal for our students, we choose the C2.”

The deal with the C2 will benefit the kids who will remain at the school for the semester, grades ten-twelve, Guilbault explains. “Another  benefit of having the students at the C2, is that at the main campus our students will still be able to access the original gym facilities. They are not going to experience any disruption to their regular gym classes, the extra-curricular athletics and club activities that happen on a daily basis at Ecole Notre Dame.”

Principal Guilbault says the community has a lot to do with the positivity surrounding this deal, “we are very happy we have the support of the community.”

Grade nine students who will be attending classes at the C2 will be buses free of charge. Students and parents can find information by finding Lakeland Catholic School District online.

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