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Haying in the 30’s Helps on Average a Person a Day

Haying in the 30’s helps on average a person a day with the proceeds they raise every August long weekend in Mallaig, AB. This year’s benefit was held August 1st & 2nd and brought in over $230 000 that will go towards helping cancer patients in the area manage the excess cost of treatment, such as travelling and accommodations for family members while undergoing treatment.

President of Haying in the 30’s, Lorne Buryn, says it’s all about helping people in The Lakeland, “we help people, they don’t expect help, and we help them anyways.” Lorne says the organization hears of success stories all the time and in most cases the people they are able to help give back in the future, “they end up helping, once they’ve recovered from their cancer.”

One lady in particular comes to mind for Lorne, Rose Schjonning. Rose is an 84 year old who has survived thyroid cancer and was a beneficiary of Haying in the 30’s. “We sent her some money, and she didn’t even know it was coming,” Lorne explains, “that gives you an idea of the success of Haying in the 30’s and how it evolves and gets better. She could not believe what she saw when she came, it was her first time at Haying in the 30’s this year.”

The organization aims to give something to everyone explains Lorne, “we accept applications all year long for people in need. We help people all year round.” The group held a meeting on August 11th, 2015, explains Lorne, “we had 40 applications- so we funded 40 people.”

“We’re averaging almost one a day,” Lorne explains the amount of people Haying in the 30’s is able to help. The amount each person is given is really dependent of his/her situation, “we have a criteria that we use, but nobody is refused. Everyone gets something.”

Lorne says the success of the organization really comes down to the volunteers, “I want to thank all the people who helped with the event, we were 300 volunteers strong for the weekend, and all the people who are helping others by their donations. Without their donations we wouldn’t be anything as an organization.” The group accepts donations year-round online hayinginthe30s.com 


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