Saturday , 28 May 2022

Fire Rating in The MD of Bonnyville Very High

The Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority (BRFA) has increased its fire rating to very high within the Municipal District of Bonnyville.

Nelson Johnson, Regional Fire Prevention Officer with the BRFA explains some tips for the everyday person who may want to have a backyard fire pit or campfire, “you should always watch and monitor the fire to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand.” There are some important items to have on hand or nearby when enjoying a fire, “you should always have means of extinguishing it. That could be a tool, or water or even a fire extinguisher.” Finally, Johnson says it’s important to control the size of the fire, “always control the amount of fire, don’t have it too big for what you can handle or the water available.”

Johnson has tips for smokers, “make sure you put your cigarette butt out and extinguish it in an approved container. Such as an ashtray or a metal container with water.”

Off Highway Vehicle are known to start fires in dry conditions, Johnson says to beware of the potential dangers when operating one. “Check and make the exhaust system doesn’t have any grass build up or anything in there.”

Any large fires must have a permit, explains Johnson. Those can be optained through The MD of Bonnyville’s website or online at brfa.ca . The information provided is for awareness of the current situation. If the situation worsens, there may be restrictions to follow.


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