Saturday , 28 May 2022

Elk Point’s Annual Horticultural & Craft Show Features New Attractions

The Annual Horticulture and Craft Show is Sunday, August 9th at the AG Ross Arena, in Elk Point. The show is the major event the Ag Society puts on each year and highlights local people’s homemade treasures.

“The show is has many categories and really anyone can enter,” says Town of Elk Point’s Recreation Coordinator, Jena Colbourne.  “There are categories for scrapbooking and photography, as well as, sketching and painting. There’s sewing and toy making, dolls and dresses,” Jena explains,  “you could enter vegetables from your garden or the canned goods you’ve made. There’s baking categories and some for flowers you’ve grown in your backyard or even a wild flower bouquet.”

“If your kids came home with 3 bags and a backpack full of arts and crafts, letters and stories they wrote, this is a perfect opportunity to unload some of it and allow your kids to win cash prizes,” Jena explains how the kids can win money for their treasures. “There’s even a category for school lunches, so if your kid complains about the way you make lunch you can always let them make their own and see what kind of prize they get.”

Each category can be awarded a 1st place prize of $5.00, 2nd place $3.00 and 3rd $2.00.

This year the event will feature local vendors, artists, artisans, and home-based businesses as part of the trade show. “It’s a great opportunity to have your products on display and let your customers see them in person. A lot of home businesses have home parties as a feature to selling the products; this is a way for your clients to see the products without committing to hosting a party,” Jena explains. “It also can allow your business to reach a larger audience.” Tables are $10 each and space is limited.

A highlight of the event is a non-judged Quilt Show. “Many quilters work for a long time on their quilts and they are really treasures,” Jena explains. “They can display them in a non-pressure kinda way as something to be proud of.”

For parents there will be a bouncy house set up, as well as a BBQ put on by Elk Point Minor Ball-  so bring the whole family. Brochures are available online, elkpoint.ca or you can email [email protected] and she’ll get you a booklet with all the categories. There are specials sections for kids and seniors.


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