Saturday , 28 May 2022

Hayin’ in the 30’s This Weekend in Mallaig

The Annual event will be taking place in Mallaig, August 1st and 2nd, to support local cancer patients who are going through treatment and their families.

President of the organization, Lorne Buryn, says the event was founded after a local man, Edgar Corbiere, found there was a great hidden cost associated with rural patients. “He started it to help cancer patients with funding to go for treatments,” explains Lorne, “he has the same issue, a year or two prior to that.” Hayin’ in the 30’s was founded 16 years ago, after Corbiere’s son was diagnosed with cancer.

“Back then you had to go for treatment on the coast, back then that was the closest place to get treatment for what he needed,” Lorne explains, “he needed help from neighbours to be able to go with his son.” Lorne says that’s when the idea for Hayin’ in the 30’s came to light, “after that happened he started Hayin’ in the 30’s to start raising funds for cancer victims.”

The event is unique in it shows people how farming was done in the 1930’s, explains Lorne, “we have over 40 teams of horses this weekend. They do everything from thrashing, to haying, to raking, to plowing, to discing.” There will also be free wagon rides through the trails.

The event is family friendly with a plenty of kids events, “we have face painting, a merry-go-horse ride with live horse, rope-making, and a 1930’s hay stack for them to play in,” Lorne says with a chuckle, “which seems to be the most popular thing for them to play in, like a cardboard box at Christmas.” There will also be kids games and a viewing zoo.

The event has grown with the years and there’s even a 1930’s style village, which includes, “a blacksmith shop, a sewing centre to show people how they used to weave, a salon, a police station, and a barber shop,” Lorne describes the little village. “If someone wants a 1930’s haircut, we can get them that.”

Along with all the attractions people will be well-fed with Beef-on-a-Bun supper Saturday at 6:00pm. The adults can enjoy a Hoe-Down Saturday evening. Sunday will start with an inter-faith church service and a pancake breakfast, followed by attractions and demos from 11:00am-4:00pm.

The best part about the entire event is- it’s FREE. Hayin’ in the 30’s is run by donation only, the organization wants people who attend to donate what they can.

**There is a lot of walking so it suggested to wear good shoes and if you need assistance walking you may use a motorized scooter or wheelchair but recreational motorized vehicles will not be permitted. The event is also animal free- no dogs or pets allowed on the premises.




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