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Increase of Crime in Cold Lake

RCMP in Cold Lake are reporting a 16.9% increase in crime as compared to this time last year. RCMP presented their crime report to The City of Cold Lake’s Chief Administrative Officer at July 21st, 2015 City Council Meeting.

The report shows that as of the end of June there were 983 criminal files, up from June of 2014 report which showed 841 files. As for the month of June, it did see the numbers drop from last year. This year the month of June had 158 files, whereas June of 2014 had 181.

Robbery went down from 6 cases last year as of the end-of-June to only one. Break-and-enters also went down from 26 to 17 cases. The number of false alarms The Cold Lake RCMP have received has decreased by 9%. Also promising is the decrease in the number of false or abandoned 9-11 calls, which have decreased by 3%.

Sexual Assault was also lower, from nine to seven and Sexual Offenses went from three to two cases. This year there has been 90 Assaults reported, as compared to 112 at the end-of-June in 2014. June saw 22 Assaults in the month alone.

Drug charges have gone down as well, last year at this time there were 41 cases, whereas there are 36 cases to-date in 2015.  Possession is down one, from 29 to 28 and the largest decrease is trafficking charges, which went from 11 to seven.

Areas that went up include

  • criminal harassment up from 17 to 26
  • uttering threats up from 28 to 30
  • fraud up from 27 to 32
  • written traffic warnings  up from 56 to 369  (559%)
  • other criminal code up from 181 to 343


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