Saturday , 28 May 2022

Cold Lake Bus Service Near Ready to Hit the Road

The City of Cold Lake is finalizing details on bus driver contracts and once that is completed The City will be launching a free transit service.

“The bus drivers will be a third-party delivery that will be driving The City buses,” Mayor of Cold Lake Craig Copeland explains, “we’re just working with the different lawyers on the legal contracts involved.” Copeland expects this process to be wrapped up in the very near future and for transit to be running by the end of July.

“People who’ve driven around The City of Cold Lake have seen the bus stops put in place,” Copeland says, “the designated route is all established and we hope to have the free transit running in Cold Lake by the end of July.”

Copeland explains the route, “there’s a north and south route and they’ll meet in the middle at the TriCity Mall.” If you were to ride the entire route it would take roughly an hour. “We’re really encouraging people to look at it as an alternative to get to work each day,” says Copeland.

The service will come to no cost to the riders, for the 2015 season. Copeland says it’ll go to review at next year’s Budget meetings, “we want to see how many people want to use the bus and then we’ll look at how much it may cost.”

For more on the transit service you can visit The City of Cold Lake on Facebook or online.

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