Wednesday , 14 April 2021

Sewer Problems on 52nd Avenue in Bonnyville

On July 14th, residents from the 52nd avenue area in Bonnyville attended the regular Town Council meeting to pleed with council to take a look into problems that have been plaguing residents for some years.

Over the years there have been a number of sewer backups and homes that have had their basements flooded after large rainfalls. Mayor of Bonnyville Gene Sobolewski says the town listened to what the group at the council meeting, “we talked to these folks, they had a delegation and put forth some of their concerns.” Mayor Sobolewski says their meeting was successful, “at the end of the day we looked at it and we’re going to commit to getting our engineers to look at what are the reasons for some of the issues.”

Mayor Sobolewski says this could take some time, “part of the task will be to interview each and every one of those residents.” This will help with the discovery process says Mayor Sobolewski, “we can learn exactly what is going on and look at possible fixes.”

Discovery is an important first step, says Mayor Sobolewski, “we’re going to take a look at what we need to do to fix the overall problem.” The town needs to learn a few things says the Mayor, “why is it flooding, why after rain is the water backing up so much and causing this issue, why is the sanitary sewer main backing up or why is it so susceptible.”

“All these little issues, we’re going to go through there and evaluate,” says Mayor Sobolewski, “and see what needs to be done.”





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